“It can be a place of meeting, storytelling, remembering, understanding, explanations, forgiveness and letting go. It can help to explain to the rest of the world – to tourists and visiting diplomats and politicians how and why such violence comes about, and how they might prevent future acts in other parts of the world. But finally and perhaps most importantly it can help to transform the attitude and feelings Cambodians have about our selves. We are not proud of our past, we often question ourselves – how could we allow such things to happen. We need mechanisms to understand, and then to see also our own successes.”

– Soth Plai Ngarm

About UsBackground
The Cambodia Peace Gallery opened on October 23, 2018 as a unique space for sharing, learning and reflecting on Cambodia’s journey from war towards peace and a  positive future. Exhibits highlight the resilience and creativity of peacebuilding initiatives to rebuild the country following 3 decades of violence.

The Peace Gallery offers a range of peace education programs tailored to university groups, peace practitioners, and tour groups, including guided tours and multi-day experiential learning trips to go deeper into peacebuilding and reconciliation in Cambodia.

To schedule your visit, please contact us at 092 455 934 or [email protected]